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Assessment of the Third

International Tree Forum


Partners and all stakeholders involved have collaborated extensively to make this event a success. The Audemars-Watkins Foundation, the Yves Rocher Foundation, and the Huileries de Souss, particularly sensitive to this theme, have been the major financial partners of this forum.

The speakers as well as participants are unanimous. Some excerpts from their messages:

  • Forum that comes at the right time considering the thematic issues related to food production. The scarcity of water is concerning and calls for the attention of all components of civil society.

  • Exceptional level of speakers.

  • I have learned a lot in addition to my knowledge about nature.

  • Trees are of undeniable importance...

  • Thanks for this beautiful immersion.

  • A very impressive lineup of guests and excellent synthesis.

  • Very good overall organization of this subject with two topics more than interesting.

  • Very interesting, passionate people.

  • Rich and diverse content.

  • Very interesting forum and sharing of experiences. A big thank you to Mrs. CHARROUF.

  • The pleasure of meeting so many people committed to the future of future generations!

  • Very interesting conferences.

  • Very good articulation between scientific aspects and practical aspects based on various experiences.

  • Thank you and congratulations for this forum, which had an effect beyond what one might think...

  • A good mix of the themes addressed.

  • Quality of the speakers.

  • Exchanging with people from all walks of life.

And a lot more similar to the above...


Some numbers


  • In total, over 500 individuals participated in at least one activity: conferences, roundtable discussions, films, tree planting, and visits to the botanical garden.

  • Around a hundred people followed all activities (including remote participation).

  • Each conference or roundtable brought together a minimum of 155 attendees.

  • 11 associations were present at stands to showcase their activities.

  • 40 speakers contributed, comprising 35 conferences and 6 roundtable discussions.

  • 18 volunteers managed all the organization, with support from the staff of the Mohammed VI Museum for Water Civilization in Morocco and technicians from our partners.

  • The tree planting allowed children from Taib Lamrini School to plant about ten trees as part of the eco-school program led by the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Environment.

  • The live streaming enabled over a hundred people to participate in the conferences and roundtable discussions. Some individuals even gathered to watch the conferences on large screens, notably in Belgium. About fifty people followed the entire forum online.

  • Replays of all these conferences and roundtable discussions are available on our YouTube channel, further widening the reach of sensitization efforts. Some conferences have already been viewed over 300 times in 5 days. (replay here)

  • Breaks allowed several hundred people to meet and exchange ideas about trees, forests, and water.

  • Three musicians captivated the audience with six musical interludes performed brilliantly.

  • Numerous interviews with Moroccan television channels and local newspapers. Many articles were published in local and international press (English, Spanish, ...).

  • Articles appeared in local newspapers, magazines, and several journals...

  • Over 200,000 people were informed through social media before the forum.

  • All information was disseminated by our partners.

  • Closure included a proposal to create an agroforestry corridor on the Moroccan Atlantic coast, known as a "rainmaker" in Morocco. 22 individuals (not counting members of organizing associations) have already volunteered to assist with this project, as well as several associations: RIAM, Terre et Humanisme Maroc, Reverdir le Sahara, ADAR Souss Massa, ...


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