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Mounia ACHBAH,

Senior Chief State Engineer, laureate of the National School of Forest Engineers of Salé, and enrolled in the third year of the doctoral cycle.  She currently holds the position of Head of the Risk Department at ANEF. She has 23 years of service in the Moroccan forestry administration. She has held the positions of Head of Department of Forest and Watershed Management Studies, Regional Director of Water and Forests in Fes and Kenitra and Head of Division at the General Inspectorate of the Department of Water and Forests.

Idriss ALAOUI.jpg

Idriss ALAOUI,

Advisor to the presidency of the Moroccan League for Child Protection

Anaesthetist Resuscitator, Founding President of the charity ''For the Life of a Child'', Director of the Childhood First Aid Centres of the Moroccan League for the Protection of Children since 1992, Founding President of the Moroccan Society for Emergency and Neonatal and Pediatric Resuscitation (SMURNEP) from 1999 to 2018, Elected Councillor of the Souissi district Communal elections from September 2003 to September 2009, Founding President of the charity  "Everyone for Health and Education" from 2009 to 2018, President of the charity  "Medrassa wa Jar" since 2010, Founding President of the charity "AL HAYAT Chaines de vie" since 2011, Secretary General of the Moroccan League for the Protection of Children from 2016 to 2023. He has been a member of the same League ever since and a member of the Higher Council for Education, Training and Scientific Research.

Mohamed ALIFRIQUI.jpg


Mohamed ALIFRIQUI is a lecturer and researcher in Plant and Forest Ecology at the Cadi Ayyad University of Marrakech (UCAM) in Morocco. He holds a PhD in plant ecology from the same university. He is a member of the Ecology and Environment Laboratory (Unit associated with the CNRST - URAC 32). He is also a member of the médiTer international Joint Laboratory (IRD-France). His current research topics are the phyto-ecological study of forest formations, uses and community management of trees. He led and co-led several research projects, the most important being the Agdal project (IRD Marseille, dealing in particular with the use and shaping of forest trees in protected community areas.

Laila AMRAOUI.jpg


Professor of Climatology at Ibn Zohr University, Faculty of Languages, Arts, and Humanities, Aït Melloul, Department of Geography and Planning.

She pursued her doctoral studies in Climatology at Jean Moulin University in Lyon, France, where she obtained her Ph.D. with a thesis entitled: REGIONAL VARIABILITIES AND GLOBAL CHANGE: CASE OF MOROCCO, MAURITANIA, AND THEIR NEARBY OCEAN.

She is a "climate/environment" consultant and has been the president of the ADAR Souss Massa Association since 2019. This association is concerned with the role that green spaces should play in urban and peri-urban areas in Morocco for effective urban climate regulation.

AbdelJalil BELKAMEL.png

Abdeljalil BELKAMEL,

Lecturer and researcher in aromatherapy - Master ChimBionat (courses and tutorials) at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of Marrakech. Co-founder of the company Nectarome in Marrakech, specialised in the field of natural cosmetics, aromatic and medicinal plants and essential oils, as well of the Bio-aromatic Garden of Ourika, open to the public (it offers the discovery of local plants, workshops, conferences, distillation, etc)

Saad BENAMAR.jpg


Laboratory of Biotechnology, Environment, Agri-food and Health, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University-Fez.

Professor at the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Fez since 1991, member of the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University council, he also holds a Ph.D from the Lorraine University (France) (1989) as well as a Ph.D from the Moulay Ismail University (2005). Founder and director of the Plants and Forests Biology and Ecophysiology laboratory (1994-2012), and of the Plant and Urban Environmental Sciences laboratory (2012-2022). His fields of expertise are diverse: ecophysiology of trees and their symbionts, urban biodiversity and ecology, climate change, management of botanical gardens and environmental education. Organiser and member of the Scientific Committees of national and international congresses. International lecturer, publishing in indexed international scientific journals. Member of international  learned societies, including the Academy of Sciences of New York. Thirty years of environmental commitment, with the co-creation and co-management of national and international networks including the Association for the Botanical Garden of Fez, the Moroccan Alliance for Climate and sustainable development, and the French association "La goutte d'Ô".

Yossef BEN-MEIR.jpg

Yossef BEN-MEIR,

Sociologist, a former Peace Corps Volunteer and Associate Director, and is President and Co-Founder of the High Atlas Foundation in Morocco.

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Abdelhadi BENNIS,

Lions Club Rabat-Agdal-Riad

Agricultural Engineer, specialising in horticulture. Former General Engineer at the central services of the Ministerial Department in charge of Agriculture. Contribution to decision-making mechanisms, public policies and practices in the field. Launch of several national programmes on the popularization of agriculture and the rational management of factors of production, including water and land; the diversification of crops and the launch of local products; supervision of cooperatives; the professional production of tools for the supervision of farmers; the launch of the first programme on the supervision of rural women. 

Long experience in associations in civil society; fields of environment and sustainable development, specialising in advocacy with decision-makers; actions at national and international levels; membership of several associations and associative networks; contribution to studies.



National School of Forestry Engineers. Morocco

Former lecturer and researcher at the National Forestry School of Engineers; botanist, ecologist, environmentalist, specialist in Governance of Natural Resources and Protected Areas; farmer, practitioner and trainer specialized in Agroecology in the permaculture approach; founder and federator of the "Zineb’s Gardens" project on a private site of 2.35 ha for 25 years, now a reference for the use of and training in permaculture in Morocco, and on a private collective site of 3 ha for 5 years, both certified SPG (Participatory Guarantee System) RIAM; volunteer manager of the agricultural cooperative "Les Jardins de Zineb à S'houl"(Zineb’s Gardens in S’houl), created in 2018, and whose active members are representatives of several rural families.

She has taught "introduction to ecology and management/governance of natural resources" in various university courses in Rabat, participated in various development projects related to natural resources in Morocco, supervised and co-supervised several Ph.D dissertations (biodiversity, aromatic and medicinal plants, governance of shared areas, ecotourism). She trains, supervises and accompanies farmers and agroforestry/agroecology project leaders in the permaculture approach, and been co-leading the creation of agroecological gardens in the permaculture approach for 8 years in different regions of Morocco.

Co-founder of various associations in Morocco (Democratic Association of Moroccan Women, Morocco Nature & Culture Association, Foundation for Humans, Terroirs and Alternatives, Network of Agroecological Initiatives in Morocco/RIAM, Cooperative "Zineb Gardens in Shoul"; she is also co-founder of the Participatory Guarantee System (Certification) of RIAM and co-author of Invitation to the Love of Plants, an illustrated guide to the flora of the Sidi Bou Ghaba Biological Reserve, published by Scriptura Edition.

Said Berrada.jpg


Graduate of the Mohammadia School of Engineers, specialist in Civil-Hydraulic Engineering. Over the past 40 years, he has accumulated extensive experience in the planning, development and management of drinking water supply and liquid sanitation projects within the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE).
His commitment to innovation has led him to conduct in-depth studies and follow specialized training in the field of seawater desalination, particularly in the U.S.A and Sweden.
This expertise allowed him to contribute to the choice of desalination technologies adapted to the national context as well as the search for synergies between drinking water production and renewable energy sources.

Zoubida Charrouf.png


Professor of Chemistry at the Faculty of Sciences, Mohammed V University, Morocco. First Moroccan woman to graduate from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille (ENSCL). Her most impactful project concerns the preservation of the Argan tree. Her idea: to transform the environmental problem into an economic opportunity and, at the same time, preserve the Argan forest. She is the President of the Ibn Al Baytar association.


Virgine DAKUYO,

Daughter of Dr. Zéphyrin DAKUYO, who is one of the pioneers in the development of traditional African medicine. She leads the project "1000 Men, 1000 Hectares of Forests" to sustain and expand the production of plants used in traditional medicine, continuing her father's work in this project. She also directs Phytofla laboratories located in Banfora, Burkina Faso, which produce numerous medicines derived from traditional African plants.

Aicha DETSOULI.png


Professor-researcher of Zoology at the Hassan II Agronomic and Veterinary Institute, she holds a postgraduate doctorate from the Institut Pasteur and the Jean-Diderot University in Paris, on "Mediators of anaphylactic shock". She also holds a national doctorate from the Ibn Tofail University Kenitra Morocco, in epidemiology and environmental sciences, on "Pesticide poisoning in Morocco". She also holds the accreditation certificate from the Scientific Institute of Rabat and the Mohamed V University of Sciences Rabat Morocco, as well as the certificate of "Trainer in Bioethics" from UNESCO. She has published several scientific papers about mediators of anaphylactic shock on PAF-ACETHER, , as well as on pesticide poisoning in the Journal of Pharmacology.

In addition to her academic commitment, she is a trainer, lecturer and moderator of conferences, an activist in the field of environmental and social issues, and president of the Association Travive Greening Madinaty since 2010. She served as District Governor of the Lions Clubs of Morocco, the first female Governor of the Lions Clubs of Morocco in 2005. She was picked as one of the 100 women who are moving Morocco in 2006. She is a member of several organizations, including ESPOD Morocco, Terre et Humanisme Maroc, RESOFEM, PACJA, and Knight of the Order of Lafayette Morocco. 

She is also a painter and craft designer, known for creating the Moroccan doll "Lallaty", a registered trademark. She initiated the "Giant Web" for the environment, labelled by COP22.

She has received numerous attestations and certificates of honour and recognition for her work and services rendered, and a tribute was paid to her by the Ministry of Culture in 2019 for her ecological and artistic activities.

Fettouma Djerrari Benabdenbi.jpg


President and co-founder with Pierre Rabhi of Earth and Humanism Morocco (Terre et Humanisme Maroc).

A sociologist by training, she is also an activist for the cause of women, an agroecologist, and a humanist in her daily struggle.

Photo Brahim CHATAOUI.jpg


Beekeeper, keeper of the largest traditional Moroccan apiary in Inzerki, president of the Taddart Inzerki Association for Development and Cooperation. 

He has worked on the Apac project, whose goal is to preserve the environment and the inscription of the largest traditional apiary, which is also the oldest nationally and globally. His interest also lies in preserving the Saharan bee with the planting of fruit trees, aromatic and medicinal plants (MAP), using permaculture, as well as good practices according to customs and traditional know-how.

Amina EL HAJJAMI.jpg


She received her degree from University Cadi Ayyad in Geography and has 13 years of experience in rural development, particularly in agriculture, land tenure, and participatory and adaptive management approaches.

Hanane EL KARFI.jpg

Hanane EL KARFI,

Director of Toubkal National Park,

Forest Engineer specialized in forest economics.

Jihad ELMALIH.jpg


Jihad left the IT sector after inspiring long bike trips to embrace his new life as a neo-farmer. Co-founder of the Facyla agroecological farm in Tiflet, he is fully involved in market gardening on living soil, agroforestry and permaculture. At the same time, he shares his knowledge by leading training courses in agroecology while offering technical advice and follow-up, accompanying several agroecological farms in their transition to sustainable practices. Thus, he combines his personal passion with a professional commitment to agroecology. It is part of the Network of Agroecological Initiatives in Morocco.

Abdennabi EL MANDOUR.jpg

Abdennabi EL MANDOUR,

Director of the Mohammed VI Museum for the Civilization of Water in Morocco, in Marrakech.

International expert in water resources and environment.

He began his career as a research professor at Mohammed Premier University in Oujda, where he completed a doctoral thesis in hydrogeology. Later, he became a professor of higher education in Oujda, serving as a member of the management team of the Water Center (COSTE) and participating in the management of the international project funded by the CUD of Belgium. Subsequently, he served as a research professor at Cadi Ayyad University and director of the GEOHYD research laboratory from 2016 to 2018. He has supervised and contributed to the supervision of several doctoral theses in Morocco and abroad on water resources. He is the author of around sixty publications in national and international journals, as well as about a hundred communications. He has been a member and coordinator of several national and international projects (CUD Belgium, European Campus and Avicenne project, Morocco-France Integrated Action, Morocco-Spanish bilateral project, SCAC, FOREM Belgium). He has organized several scientific events (Coordinator of the Cop22 Congress at FSSM), served as a member of the scientific committee for scientific events in the field of water resources, and acted as a reviewer for several international journals. In 2014, he was appointed a national and international expert on water resources and the environment. In June 2019, he was elected as member of the board of directors of the Mohammed VI Museum of Water Civilization in Morocco, and in 2021, he became the vice president of the global network of water museums Wamu-Net affiliated with UNESCO-IHP.

Fatima Ezzahra EL MANSOURI.jpg

Fatima Ezzahra EL MANSOURI,

Mayor of Marrakech and Minister

Abdelaziz HAJJAJI.jpg

Abdelaziz HAJJAJI,

Regional Director of the National Agency of Water and Forests of Marrakech-Safi.

Naima HAMOUMI.png

Prof. Dr. Naima HAMOUMI holds a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Oceanology (1978) and a PhD in Sedimentology (1981) of the University of Western Brittany and IFREMER in Brest and of a State Doctorate in Natural Sciences of the University Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg (1988).
She specializes in Marine, Terrestrial and Environmental Geosciences and has worked for 40 years as a teacher-researcher at the Faculty of Science, Mohammed V Agdal University in Rabat. She is the national coordinator of the «Moroccan Network of Marine Science and Engineering» since 2014. She was also a technical advisor in the Cabinet of the Minister Delegate in charge of scientific research (2003-2004) and a consultant of the National Society for the Study of the Strait  (SNED) as part of the Fixed Link project from 1989 to 1997.
She was honoured with several distinctions, including: the Gratification by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, God glorifies him from the Wissam Malaki Al Istihkak Al Watani in 2017, a Certificate of Appreciation from the International Oceanographic Commission (IOC/UNESCO) for contribution to the activities of the IOC and for capacity building in Morocco in the field of oceanology in 2006 and the Distinction of the city of Tarija and the Cercado Province dedicated to the best scientists, on the occasion of the XIIth International Congress of Geology of Bolivia in 1996.

Tariq HOUARI.jpg


Managing Director of "Observatoire de la Palmeraie de Marrakech".

nasma JRONDI.jpg


Expert in sustainable development. She is currently supporting the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the Environment on projects related to decarbonization and climate. Prior to this, she worked for 7 years as a Permanent Expert with the Commission responsible for environmental and sustainable development affairs at the Economic, Social, and Environmental Council (CESE) of Morocco. Before returning to Morocco, she spent 15 years in France, where she studied and worked in the diplomatic sector, notably at the Embassy of Morocco in France and at UNESCO.

Nasma holds a Master's degree in Diplomacy and International Relations, which she obtained in 2007 from the University of Westminster in London.

Nasma is also actively involved in community activities. She serves as Vice President of Mentor'Elles, an association focused on empowering young women.

Abdellatif Khattabi.jpg

Abdellatif KHATTABI,

Agricultural engineer from the Hassan II Agronomic and Veterinary Institute, Rabat and the Ecole Supérieure du Bois, Paris, France. Holds a Master of Science in Economics and a PhD in Forestry from the University of Idaho, USA, and a Master of Science in ICT from Louis Pasteur University, Strasbourg, France. Professor at the National Forestry School of Engineering since 1994, and Visiting Professor at Hassan II University, Casablanca, Mohamed V University, Rabat, Moulay Ismail University, Meknes and Abdelmalek Saadi University, Tetouan. Associate Researcher at the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies (IRES), Rabat, in its programme on climate change, and Associate Researcher at the Institute of Labour (IZA) in Germany.

From 1981 to 1994, he was a researcher at the National Centre for Forestry Research, Rabat. Author of numerous publications, recipient of numerous research grants, consultant for public and private, national and international organisations (UNESCO, ISESCO, UNDP, UNEP, FAO, World Bank, GIZ, Overseas Development Institute London (ODI), Cowater-Sogema, RMS India, IWMI-Italy,...), member of the Fulbright Alumni Association and several professional associations, and co-lead author of Chapter 5 (Coastal and Low Pose Zones) of the IPCC's Fifth Report. Founding member and president of the Moroccan Association of Regional Sciences (AMSR), national section of the Regional Science Association International.

Principal Investigator in several projects funded by international organisations, e.g. the ACCMA project on the adaptation of coastal communities to the impacts of climate change; the GIREPSE project on integrated water management, payment for environmental services and adaptation of mountain communities; the Plastic-Free Surf project in a marine national park in Morocco; etc. Researcher and consultant in climate change adaptation, socio-economic and territorial development, cost of environmental degradation, valorisation of wood and non-wood forest products, integrated management of natural resources (water, coastal, wetlands), gender approach and women's empowerment.

Abderrahim KSIRI.jpg

Abderrahim KSIRI,

AESVT-Maroc President, member and president of several commissions at the Economic, Social, and Environmental Council (CESE), as well as a member of several commissions within the CESE. Within the AESVT, he has developed, coordinated, and contributed to the implementation of several projects, accumulating over 20 years of experience in environmental issues and associative actions. He works as a consultant in environmental education and sustainable development and has authored several works on environmental education, natural parks, freshwater, biodiversity, waste management, etc.

He serves as the Coordinator of the Moroccan Alliance for Climate and Sustainable Development (AMCDD) in Morocco and is the president of the international organization PLANET'ERE, which brings together environmental education associations from 40 French-speaking countries and organizes international forums across three continents (North America, Europe, and Africa).

As a trainer in Biology and Geology, he has held various positions at the Ministry of National Education, including Division Chief of School Life and National Coordinator of a project for reforming the education system. He represents civil society within the National Commission on Climate Change and Biodiversity, the National Coastal Commission, the National Water and Climate Council, and the 4C Competence Center.

Mehdi LAHLOU.png


Doctor of Economics, University of Paris-I, Panthéon-Sorbonne (Paris, France), 1982. Formerly a Professor of Economics at the National Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics (INSEA-Rabat). Currently a research associate at Mohammed V University - Rabat. Visiting professor at the University of Toronto and the University of Ottawa in Canada.

He is involved in various associations, serving as a member of the International Secretariat of the World Federation of Scientific Workers (FMTS), responsible for NGO/UNESCO partnerships. In this capacity, he currently contributes to a high-level hydrologist training program for various sub-Saharan African countries. He is also a founding member and honorary president of the Association for a Global Water Contract (ACME - Morocco), as well as a member of the World Water Forum. In this capacity, he actively participated in COP 15 and 16. Additionally, he was awarded the 'Energy Globe – The World Award for Sustainability' in 2015 by the Austrian Embassy in Morocco for his individual and collective efforts to improve the living conditions of educational institutions (tree planting, well digging, water supply construction, toilets, etc.) in various regions of Morocco, such as Skhirat-Témara, Sidi Slimane, Oued Zem, and the Tafilalet region (particularly Errachidia and Boudnib).

Claude Lefebvre.jpg


Teacher at the Lyonnaise School of Medicinal Plants, researcher, lecturer for over twenty years.

Graduated in physics and mathematics.

Author of the book "The Book of Plants, initiation to plant wisdom".

Initiator of the Forum, conferences programmer and co-founder of the ASET Association.

Genevieve Michon.jpg

Geneviève MICHON,
Researcher in ethnobotany, Research Director at the Research Institute for Development (IRD), author and art photographer.
She has conducted most of her research on the relationships between society and forests, particularly with farmers. In Indonesia, she brought up to date the unique intelligence of farmers replanting forests to produce their agriculture. In Corsica and Morocco, she explored what links shepherds to trognes, these trees so often pruned and harvested that they carry in their extravagant forms the long history of Mediterranean societies. By studying these domestic forests as objects at the heart of tensions and controversies in the relationships between  the State and local communities, she set out to define the contours of their political ecology.
To make available to non-scientists all this experience of research on the indispensable alliance between Men and Trees, she developed an artistic approach based on stories and photography. This is another way to pay tribute, through books and exhibitions, to the intelligence and incomparable knowledge of these farmers (the soul of the Earth) that, everywhere in the world, we strive to erase.

Marc Olivier.jpg


Doctor of Science in Biology - Health (University of Montpellier), ethnobotanist in West Africa, mainly in Burkina Faso, engaged in numerous activities related to African plants and Tradition: Fundamental field studies, establishment of value chains for plants in cosmetics, parapharmacy, as well as in traditional medicine and pharmacopoeia, and plant dyes. All of these value chains have the potential to become sources of income and contribute to the protection of Burkina Faso's remarkable biodiversity.



An agricultural engineer, he began his professional career at the Ministry of Agriculture in Rabat in 1978 where he carried out several missions of monitoring, accompaniment, supervision and evaluation of agricultural and rural development policies and programmes. This period was marked by the structural adjustment programmes for the agricultural sector (ASAP I and II). In 1990, he was Director of the Pastoral and Livestock Development Project in the Oriental region. In 1996, he was appointed Provincial Director of Agriculture in Khémisset where he supervised three Bour Development projects in Oulmès, Zhiligua and Sidi Abderrazak. In 1999, he rejoined the Ministry of Agriculture in Rabat to take care of the services of the Agricultural Popularisation Division within the Directorate of Education, Research and Development (DERD). In 2008 he was appointed Director of EAER (Education, Training and Research).

These stints in these positions of responsibility allowed him to acquire expertise that he shared with several countries in Africa and the Middle East, as an expert with FAO, IFAD, AFDB, UNDP and OADA. Actor in many national and international NGOs, for many years, he has helped civil society to find local solutions to poverty by using the products of their territory.

photo Ali OUZINE.jpg


Agricultural technician for more than 20 years in charge of ecological and organic agriculture in oases, he has contributed to the dissemination of good agricultural practices, with a focus on the sustainable management of natural resources, in particular the vital resource that is water, through the recovery of date palm waste for the production of compost, the use of palm shredding as natural mulch to minimize irrigation and soil degradation. He has also worked on the creation of a local seed bank with women farmers for the safeguarding of oases biodiversity with a collaborative approach with all stakeholders in the sector, in order to strengthen the sustainable development of oases in the face of severe climate change.

In addition, he has promoted the introduction of aromatic and medicinal plants as a real lever for development in oases, as well as the planting of resilient plants with significant economic value such as pistachio and moringa.

Abderrahmane ROMANE.jpg

Abderrahmane ROMANE,

Since 1983, he has been a Professor of Chemistry (Analytical Chemistry, Phytochemistry) at Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech, Morocco. Additionally, he serves as the Director of the Applied Chemistry and Biomass Laboratory and head of the Chemical Analysis and Quality Team within the same department. He has authored numerous scientific articles, books, and book chapters.

Since 2009, he has served as the President of the Euro-Maghreb Network of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants (REMAPAM), which organizes the International Congress of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants (CIPAM) every two years in certain European and Maghreb countries. He has been a member of the management committee of the Arab Federation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (FAPAM), as well as a member of the African Scientific Council for Health Innovation (ASCHI). He has founded and directed two scientific journals, the Arabian Journal of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (co-editor-in-chief) and the Journal of Applied Chemistry and Environment Protection (editor-in-chief).

He has participated in several competitive national, regional, and international research projects, as well as numerous R&D contracts of significant importance with companies and/or public administrations. He is the author of over 120 peer-reviewed articles in journals with more than 2220 citations and an h-index of 27. Additionally, he has authored or co-authored over 150 communications in international congresses.

Lassina SANOU2.png

Dr Lassina SANOU,

Dr. Lassina SANOU, forest botanist, Colonel of the department of Water and Forests, former researcher at the National Center for Forest Seeds (CNSF) in Burkina Faso, is an independent consultant specialising in the flora of West Africa. He holds a PhD in ecology and biodiversity conservation, and has led the harvesting of forest seeds. Local botanical manager of the CNSF/ Royal Botanic Garden project in Kew (UK), he was also responsible for the cross-border project Great Green Wall «Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger».
Working on sacred forests, medicinal plants, the regeneration of endangered plant species, natural conservatories for the benefit of rural communities, he also specialized in social  environmental studies in various development projects in Africa.

Loukmane SAVADOGO 3.jpg

Loukmane SAVADOGO,

Originally from Ouahigouya, in the north of Burkina Faso, Yacouba SAWADOGO is the son of the creator of the Bangré Raaga Forest.  He was nominated Alternative Nobel Prize in 2018 for his commitment to the fight against desertification, nicknamed  «The man who regreens the desert».
Graduated from the Ecole Nationale des Eaux et Forêts (National School for Water and Forests management), he is also President of the Association Arbre et Arbuste. As such, he is a guide and manager of the nursery at the Bangre Raaga Forest.
The Association Arbre et Arbuste organizes training for reforestation and environmental awareness for any public, especially school.

Yasmina SBIHI.png

Yasmina SBIHI,
Architect DENA. Temporary teacher at UEMF. Researcher in Architecture Sustainability and Spirituality. Decorated by His Majesty King Mohammed VI Wissam of National Merit in 2000.
World Research Journey 2012 to 2015: Architecture and Spiritual Heritage. Travel stories, Conferences, talks, signatures and interviews in Morocco and abroad, have appeared in the written press, on radio and TV.
Member of the Monitoring Committee of Techno-Parks of Casablanca. Proposed to the Executive Board. Coordinator of the Scientific and Architecture Component at the Time of Morocco in France.
Exhibitions: «Evolution of Moroccan technological engineering in water management» at the Cité des Sciences la Villette, «The Art of Living in Morocco», at the IMA, «The Architecture of Today in Morocco», Pavillon de l'Arsenal, Paris. (1999-2000)
Multiple contributions:
Maghreb des Livres, Hotel de Ville Paris;

"Women on the move», «The spiritual influence of Fes» at the Mediterranean tourism forum;
Rabat book fair: round table with Yvon Jablonka "What literature makes of history and does to history";
Tributes from the Mouafaqa Foundation and the Le Matin Book Club;
Fez Festival of Sufi Culture: «Science and Consciousness»;
Presentation of "Sacred Women" at the Women’s Film Festival;
Conferences:  «A sufi way», Agadir, "A Serene Feminism for a Universal Consciousness", "Women and Religious Culture", "Faith in Times of Crisis", "Better Living in the World", "Contemporary Sufism", "Spiritual Pilgrimage", "Leadership and Spirituality", “Act of Building: Quest for Meaning, Happiness and Excellence”, “Architecture 5D, Place and Spirit of Place”, “Monotheism and Woman”, “Architecture and Spirituality”, “Love and Knowledge: Makarim el akhlaq”, “Futuwwa or Spiritual Chivalry”.

Marc Andre Selosse.jpg

Marc-André SELOSSE,
Professor at the national Natural History Muséum (Paris), and at the Universities of Kunming (China) and Gdansk (Poland), where he is leading research teams. His work focuses on the ecology and evolution of mycorrhizas, a major symbiosis between soil fungi and roots of most land plants. He also has a general interest for symbiosis and its evolution. He was head of the French Botanical Society for ten years and is now president of the Fédération BioGée, member of the French Academy of Agriculture and of the Institut Universitaire de France. He (co-)edits four international scientific journals: New Phytologist, Ecology Letters, Symbiosis and Botany Letter. All his papers (more than 210 scientific papers and 250 outreach papers) are downloadable at He published outreach books in French on microbiota  (Jamais seul, 2017), tannins (Les goûts et les couleurs du monde, 2019) and soil (L’origine du Monde, 2021). Website:

Georges SERPANTIE.jpg


Georges Serpantié is an agronomist at the IRD (UMR SENS). He conducts research in cooperation with agricultural and environmental research centers to facilitate the transition of agro-sylvo-pastoral production systems (development, sustainability, resilience) in Madagascar and Burkina Faso in particular.

photo Mohamed SINAN.jpg

Mohamed SINAN,
National and international expert on water resources and climate change.
Professor of Higher Education at the Hassania School of Public Works (EHTP-Morocco) since 1994, Head of the Department of Hydraulics, Environment and Climate (2005-2008 and 2015-2021, 2023 to date), Coordinator of the Research Team “Hydrogeology, Treatment and Purification of Water and Climate Change' and Pedagogical Manager of the Specialized Master: Engineering of Hydraulic and Water Resources Conventional and Unconventional.
He holds a State Doctorate in Hydrogeology (2000 at the Mohammadia School of Engineering-Rabat-Morocco), a Doctorate in Hydrogeology (1986 at the University of Sciences and Techniques of Languedoc-USTL- Montpellier in France) and a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) in Applied Geology (1983) from the same university (USTL-Montpellier-France).
Pr. Mohamed Sinan is a member of the Water Academy of France (since 2011), member of the Mediterranean Water Institute (since 2023), former Director of Research at the EHTP (2009-2013), former Hydrogeologist Engineer at the Directorate General of Hydraulics of Morocco (1987-1992) and the Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (BRGM) (Mining and geology research Bureau) in France (1992-1994).
During his 36-year career, he has conducted numerous studies, expertise and research in Hydrogeology, Water Resources, Climate Change and the NEXUS Water-Energy-Agriculture and Natural Ecosystems (EAES) both in Morocco and internationally.



President of the Moroccan Water Coalition

Doctor of State in Environmental Law, Lawyer at the Casablanca Bar since 1986, University Professor, Holder of the UNESCO Interdisciplinary Chair on Sustainable Water Management (1998-2017), President of the Rabat-Salé-Kenitra Regional Human Rights Commission (CNDH Commission), Founding President of the Moroccan Water Coalition "COALAMA", Governor of the World Water Council. For the past thirty years, she has been involved at the academic level and in national and international civil society. As a consultant, she works on public policies in the field of water, environment and sustainable development.

In addition, she has been President and then member of the Board of Directors of the International Secretariat for Water (ISW)- Montreal, Member of the Advisory Committee on Water Resources of Suez Think-Tank and FAC, Paris (2001-2011), and is part of the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises "CGEM", and in particular the "Climate" Task Force and the "Environment-Climate Commission", the Steering Committee of Green Cross France and Territories, of the Board of Directors of the Academy of Ethics, Paris, of the Moroccan negotiating delegation at COP 22. Finalist candidate for the positions of President of the International Union for Conservation of Nature "IUCN" and Special Rapporteur on the right to safe drinking water and sanitation at the Geneva Human Rights Council. Initiator of the International Water and Sanitation Technology Exhibition "SITeau".

For all her actions, she received the prestigious Gaïa Prize for the Environment in April 2019, and published numerous books: "From the right of water to the right to water, in Morocco and elsewhere", UNESCO and United Nations University edition; Proceedings of the International Study Days on the theme "Water Crisis, Climate Change and Migration", Éditions l'Harmattan, 2021; The Blue Book on "Natural Hazards and Water Sustainability", COALMA, 2020; Sustainable City, Water and Sustainable Development; Participatory management of water resources and financing strategies; Drafting of the Principles for a Convention on the Right to Water (ALMAE, Green Cross and International Secretariat for Water) which served to bring the concept to the United Nations, as well as numerous articles in the field of water and sustainable development at the national and international level.

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Konomba TRAORE,

Of Senufo ethnicity, Konomba TRAORE is a graduate of the National School of Administration of Burkina Faso. He has been several times Prefect, Interim Mayor and Secretary General of Ouagadougou as well as Director of the National Arts and Crafts Center.
Konomba is part of the brotherhood of Konon, Komo and Wara Fetishists, different secret societies, and is a fierce defender of African cultural traditions.
He is also a musician, storyteller, traditional instrument makers (Balafon, Kora, Ngoni).
He has written several books on music and tales: «Le balafon, l'or brun africain», «L'Afrique Noire, traditions» and «Tchégnounon N'Golo», a collection of tales.
He received the distinction of Knight of the National Order of Merit.

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Patrice ZERBO,

Of PhD in Applied Biological Sciences, specializing in Plant Biology and Ecology. Professor and researcher at Ouagadougou, focusing on ethnobotany, ethnopharmacology, traditional management of plant biodiversity, and the valorization of traditional knowledge related to plants. President of the Association for Development and Social Integration in Africa (ADISA). He is a Knight of the National Order.

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Sponsor of the First and Second International Forum of Trees,

World-renowned forest engineer, doctor of natural sciences, professor emeritus and researcher in wood sciences at the Bernese University of Applied Sciences, until recently lecturer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Zurich (ETHZ) and at the University of Lausanne. He studies more particularly the temporal structures of trees (chronobiology). He is the author of numerous scientific articles and the general public book "Les Arbres entre visible et invisible" published by Acte Sud and several other works: "Planting a tree and creating a forest", "Listening to the Forest". ...

He is also at the center or at the origin of several documentaries and films.

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