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Second Trees' International Forum

“Trees, Children, Forests:

an Hope for Humanity"


For a global awakening of children with plant intelligence

From October 12 to 15th, 2023



a (re)connexion to the natural world

Geneva, Switzerland

Plainpalais Municipal Hall

-  Show the fundamental importance of trees and forests in the overall awakening of children. From the intra-uterine life (essential role of natural forests on the future mother and her child) to adolescence, through the acquisition of the various skills of childhood.
  -  Draw a parallel between biodiversity, plant intelligence and child awakening in a smart environment. Awakening being defined as “behaving intelligently in an intelligent environment”.
  -  Take stock of: forest health – population health
  -  Create wild forest spaces close to schools with real biodiversity.

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Titre d'élément

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Titre d'élément



12 October

Children day and welcome party


Children activities in forest, Opening conference ...

13 October

School under the trees and in forests

Importance of the biodiversity of underground life for the forest balance in parallel with the school of children of trees and forests: trees and children psychology.

Benefits of the forest on early childhood / awareness of plant intelligence.

14 October

Trees, Forests and Health

Trees and humans health, science and forest ecology

The school of trees and forests: trees and children’s health.

Planting the seeds for future: Agroforestry and awakening children. Forests, biodiversity and child awakening.

Learning about life with wild animals.

15 October

Forests and Humans, the Power of Networks

Knowing that trees and children are the "primacy of life", to evolve the legislation on the right of trees by proposing a common right to trees and children: “The right to life”.

The forum will close with a lecture by Francis Hallé and the proposal of the creation of a primary forests network in Europe.

Every day

And throughout the Forum, exhibitions, partner stands, educational activities, musical interludes...

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