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Trees' International Forums

Regular international meetings to know, protect and value the organisations that make us live.

Trees are unseparable from life on earth, and remain our last chance in front of  rapidly growing ecological and climate crisis. The preservation of forests, their rehabilitation and the introduction of tree systems in agricultural areas are becoming a major global challenge for the coming years.

Paradoxically, deforestation is accelerating at a pace never seen in human history yet we have been more aware of the importance of trees and forests, their benefits on climate, biodiversity and the health of humans, in cities and in the countryside.

The latest scientific findings on plant communication are surprisingly relevant to some of the traditional knowledge of «so-called first peoples». This convergence of sciences and traditions around the trees and the plants question us on the acquisition modes of knowledge in humanity. Trees and forests can inspire us. They have solutions for tomorrow world.

The International Tree Forums propose to create a «Tree-Human synergy» generating wealth in all fields: environmental, agricultural, social, cultural, economical, educational, health and spiritual.

Wherever trees settle, life develops.
Together with trees and forests, let us create local solutions to global problems.

Let us be inspired from the forest to build tomorrow world.


«Trees' International Forums»  are organised by ASET association

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