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(presentation document in French)

ASET, in collaboration with the Ibn Al Baytar Association and the Averroès Foundation, has launched the RAIN project, which aims to address several global challenges, including combating climate change, reducing poverty and inequality, and promoting prosperity and peace. By creating a forest belt along the Moroccan Atlantic coast, this project aspires to restore regular rainfall in the arid regions of Africa, thereby providing more favorable climatic conditions for local populations.

The proposed method involves collaboration with local communities, scientists, and policymakers to reforest coastal areas while promoting economic and social development. This forest belt will be created and maintained by a network of small, resilient agricultural enterprises that are respectful of living organisms and adapted to each biotope.

The project will be implemented gradually, starting with a pilot phase in Morocco, followed by expansion across Africa, and eventually Europe.

The expected outcomes include mitigating climate change, improving soil quality, enhancing food security, creating jobs, and fostering social cohesion.

The RAIN project is designed to be resilient and adaptable, with the ultimate goal of restoring and protecting ecosystems, while improving the well-being of local populations and contributing to a more sustainable future for all.

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