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The 12 virtues of the tree

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Vercors Integral Biological Reserve



Interview with the Baobab Guardian of Toumousseni


The man who planted trees



Trees will save us (Science et Vie)


TREES| Sophie Bruneau & Marc Antoine Roupil

Trees is a story of trees and trees. It begins with Origins and then travels through the world of trees and the trees of the world. The film recounts the major differences and minor similarities between the Tree and Man with the strong idea that the tree is to the plant kingdom what man is to the animal kingdom. Trees is a journey through another scale of space and time where we encounter trees that communicate, trees that walk, shy trees or crazy trees... Trees, reverses some received ideas starting from the observation that the 'we always see the animal running on the branch but never the tree on which it is moving.



Poem: "Aux Arbres" by Victor Hugo

Contemplations,Nelson, 1856

Poem: "Trees of the World"

S Fuchs May 2018

The Secret Life of Trees 


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