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Our association goals

Arbres, Sciences Et Tradition (ASET) is a French "loi 1901" type of association that gathers people bringing their knowledge together in order to preserve Trees and Forests, and to restore the balance of the People/Forest relationship.

ASET’s goals cover different areas :

  •  Gather people working onsite to create a human social structure around the Forest (including databases of scientific,  ecological, traditional and social knowledge, professionals of the Forest and agroforestry, private owners, etc.)         

  • Foster awareness and accountability regarding programs meant to preserve Trees, Forests and biodiversity in general.

  • Protect and improve the sustainability of the Forests and their traditions via appropriate cultural and educational activities aimed at fostering the collective and individual knowledge of forested areas.

  • Provide all interested parties with information and knowledge in order to protect local communities, the flora and fauna of the Forests, as well as the associated traditions.

  • Organize activities such as seminars, meetings, conferences, training sessions, field outings, trips and various types of events.

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