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Forum 2022 Recordings

​You have the possibility to review the recordings of the conferences of the forum 2022by selecting the one that interests you below.

Opening conference by Ernst Zürcher "The Tree: health of the Earth, health of Man, cosmic rhythm of the Trees»


Conference by Genevieve Michon "Agroforestry in the world"


Conference by Eric Fabre “For a primary forest in Europe”


Conference by Zoubida Charrouf "Plantation of argan trees in Morocco"


Conference by Thomas Brail “Trees and their silent benevolence»


Conference by Emilie Dupuy « Sylvae, a network to preserve old-growth forests»


Conference by Olivier Papin “The benefits of trees on urban populations»


Conference by Alain Canet “Agroforestry and rural landscapes”


Round table: Towards a "Man - Tree" balance

Conference by Jacques Barou and Raphael Trouiller “Representations of the plant world, environmental protection and rural development”


Conference by Marc-Andre Selosse “Mushrooms are the allies of Trees”


Conference by Ernst Zuercher "The natural forest, an organism endowed with a collective intelligence"


Conference by George Feterman “Latest news from Trees: recent knowledge”


Conference by Paco Calvo “Latest News in Plant Intelligence”


Round table: Plant Intelligence: Adaptation or Creativity? »


Conference by George Feterman  “From biology to traditions”


Conference by Marc Olivier "Trees and Tradition among Dozo hunters"


Conference by Loukmane Sawadogo “Yacouba Sawadogo pushes back the desert in Burkina Faso”


Conference by Virginie Dakuyo "Project 1000 men, 1000 ha of forests"


Conference by Patrice Zerbo “The Forests of North-West Burkina Faso”


Conference by Lassina Sanou “The Sacred Forests of Western Burkina Faso”


Conference by Genevieve Michon “Traditional practices in agroforestry”


Round table: The contribution of plant intelligence to human societies

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