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Manifesto for today and tomorrow


The second International Tree Forum, which was held in Geneva (Salle commune de Plainpalais) from October 12th to 15th, 2023 with the theme (re)connection to life, took place in partnership with the City of Geneva and the Republic and Canton of Geneva.

In this context 3 avenues were explored:

 1) take children to tree school

 2) develop laws able to promote and protect remarkable trees and natural forests

 3) safeguard primary forests and reconvert some of our forest areas to this status.


I'm in as an individual person  / We are committed as a collective, association, foundation or other form of organisation, to advocate or act in favour of 9 essential points for a real re-connection with life, which can take place in a setting conducive to the following:

1/ Trees as a teaching subject at school, including identification (botany), chrono-biology, ecology, mythology, ethnobotany and uses of wood on a local scale - but also trees brought to school (seeds, seedlings, cuttings ) to observe their germination and development, then to plant outdoors.

2/ School under the trees and in the forest, in a natural environment where teaching can take place sporadically or permanently, for the benefit of the development of children and educators/teachers while respecting other forest inhabitants.

3/ Networks of very old trees (“link trees”) inside and outside of forests, allowing humans to cultivate relationships with nature over time, serving as a refuge for many species, which we know constitute “living pharmacies” for ecosystems.

4/ All forms of tree planting and afforestation in urban and agricultural areas (trees outside of forests, riverine or riparian forests, woodland corridors, hedges), as well as in connection with the creation of wetlands.

5/ Highly natural forest areas that are easily accessible and possibly suitable for “forest bathing” type immersions, whose well-being and therapeutic virtues are in the process of being recognised.

6/ Silvicultural practices respecting natural forest dynamics, which allows forests benefiting from reasoned and sustainable management to develop all of their ecological, social, protective and economic functions (including local development). These practices will be used to revitalise forests while maintaining an atmosphere of tranquility, with a minimum of noise pollution.

7/ The creation of forest cores and areas in free evolution , places of high naturalness tending towards functioning as “primary forest”, refuges of natural genetic heritage and protected bases of new territorial dynamics.

8/ The networking of these cores and surfaces through well-functioning biodiversity corridors.

9/ The teaching in schools of traditions that respectfully connect humans to trees and forests, and inter-ethnic encounters with children from other traditions, according to the fact that “Trees bring Humans together”.


We are addressing this manifesto to people and institutions likely to help us to work in the same direction, for the well-being of the young generations of today and tomorrow.

Our declaration is filed with the Association “Trees, Sciences and Tradition” (ASET)

740 route du stade - 26380 PEYRINS, organizer of the “International Forums of Trees”.

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