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Dans la forêt de Białowieża en Pologne, une des dernières forêts d'Europe de l'Ouest ©Getty - Josep Llus Asensio Richart / EyeEm

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Ernst Zürcher listening to the world of trees... in the "visages" emission on RCF.

Ernst Zürcher has been listening to the heartbeat of trees since he was a child. Having become a forest engineer but also a lecturer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, he has become a reference in the study of the life of trees and their interactions. He is the author at acts Sud of: “the trees between visible and invisible”. One hour with him and you will never look at a tree the same way again.

In Paris, they live in a tree to warn about the state of the forests

The tree climberThomas Brailperched in one of the plane trees near the Eiffel Tower. He wants to protect these threatened trees by building a luggage room for tourists anddenounce more generally the industrialization of French forests.


The French School of Agroforestry

Fertile agriculture “from soil to landscape”… Our countryside and our farmers really need it. Agroforestry is developing today to respond to this vast collective project, at its own pace. Like a tree which, from the seedling, puts in place each of its branches, its roots, its leaves...


USA: stop the massacre of our forests 

All over the world, frommagnificent forests are razed  to produce beef, palm oil or paper for increasingly greedy markets, such as Europe or the United States.
Deforestation is a scourge that threatens our planet and life on Earthbut today we have a UNIQUE opportunity to stop this carnage.

In the United States, elected officials are preparing new laws to ban the import of products responsible for deforestation.

Deforestation Petition Avaaz. 

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Redeem forests:collectives unite to stop industrial exploitation

In the Pyrenees, a "Call for living forests" brings together different collectives for the defense of forest biodiversity. Several of them have opted for a new strategy: the purchase of forests in order to demonstrate on the ground that sustainable management is possible on a daily basis.

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Under trees

Everyday ecology.

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Deforestation: stop the massacre!

Greenpeace deforestation petition.

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Forest Sowers

Perpetual native forests everywhere in France.

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Make an alliance with the trees and the forest

With Ernst Zürcher

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Urban agroforestry:

The Sahelian cities of tomorrow will be green and nurturing

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Can the intelligence of trees save us?By Francis Halle

video here

Revue "L'Alpe" Number 95: The Forest

The forest is the central element of mid-mountain alpine landscapes. It is estimated that 41% of the area of the French Alps is covered by forest (compared to 30% nationally). While some regions of the world are experiencing very worrying deforestation, Amazonia in the lead, the alpine forest continues to progress, even if global warming risks changing its appearance....continue reading here

Recently published works:

"Plant a Tree and Create a Forest":  Ernst Zürcher

“Listening to the Forest”:  Ernst Zürcher

"For a Primary Forest in Western Europe »: Francis Halle

The departmental archives of Isère are devoting an exhibition toMan and the forest in Isère, issues of yesterday and today.

It is therefore the story of a strong interdependence between man and the forest environment that the archives explore through numerous documents, photographs, maps, parchments and other trial bags. Sometimes overexploited (even destroyed), sometimes preserved, depending on the place and time, forests, whose uses have been multiple, have been the scene of many conflicts and regulations since the Middle Ages. The example of the state forest of Grande Chartreuse, recently labeled "Forest of exception", which was preserved for a long time by very reasoned (and profitable) management by the monks.
Until December 18, 2021. (revue l'Alpe number 95)

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