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Practical information for the 2023 Forum

The Water Museum welcomes us

May 25-29, 2022





The Pont en Royans Water Museum is a daring, fun, scientific, cultural and educational complex dedicated to water in all its forms.

The waters of the Vercors, the waters of the World, poetic and vital water, the subject, object of this museum, seems inexhaustible ...


Located in the heart of Pont en Royans, at the entrance to the Vercors Regional Natural Park in the Isère department, the Water Museum was chosen for its consistency with our project, its proximity to the forests of Vercors and its natural link with the Trees and the Forest.

Water museum,

BP15 - Place du Breuil 38680 Pont-en-Royans
Tel: +33 4 76 36 15 53 / Fax: +33 4 76 36 97 32




How to come :


Nearest International Airport:

Lyon St Exupéry at 1h30.


SNCF train station :

Valence TGV, then TER St Marcellin station.



The *** hotel of the water museum is a true haven of peace to recharge your batteries at the water's edge in a relaxing setting.

Other accommodations are possible in and around Pont en Royans. All accommodation is on the website of the tourist office .

You can also contact the tourist office directly or download the document directly.



Meals are possible at the restaurant of the Water Museum. You can book on 04 76 36 18 98 or on .

All other catering possibilities are on the website of the tourist office. You can contact the tourist office directly. or download the document directly.



You will find all the information on the website of the tourist office.

You can download the city map here .


Climate in May

In general, at the end of May in Pont en Royans, it can rain and the average temperature is 15°C. At night, temperatures can sometimes drop to 8°C and during the day they can reach 23°C or more.

To carpool

We offer a carpooling site without registration .

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