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Detailed preliminary program (download the PDF document )

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The second International Forum Of Trees
“Trees, Children, Forests: an Hope for Humanity"


For a global awakening of children with plant intelligence


(In preparation)

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Geneva, Switzerland

From October 12 to 15th, 2023


Regular international meetings to know, protect and promote the organizations that make us live.

Trees are inseparable from life on earth, and remain our last chance in the face of a spiraling ecological and climate crisis. The preservation of forests, their rehabilitation and the introduction of tree systems in agricultural areas will become one of the major planetary challenges for the years to come.

Paradoxically, deforestation is accelerating while never in human history, we have become so aware of the importance of trees and forests, their benefits on the climate, biodiversity and the health of populations, in cities like in the countryside.

The latest scientific discoveries on plant communication come into astonishing harmony with certain traditional knowledge of the “so-called first” Peoples. This convergence of sciences and traditions around the tree and the plant questions us about the modes of acquisition of knowledge in humanity. Trees and forests can inspire us. They hold solutions for the world of tomorrow.

The International Forums of Trees and People propose to create a Tree-Human synergy generating wealth in all areas: environmental, agricultural, social, cultural, economic, educational, health and spiritual.

Wherever the tree settles, life develops.


Together with trees and forests, lets create local solutions to global problems.

Let us draw inspiration from the forest to build the world of tomorrow.

Program (in development)

Thursday, October 12, 2023  Welcome party


Introductory conference of...

Friday, October 13, 2023  Trees and children's awakening

Prenatal life and early childhood

importance of the biodiversity of underground life for the forest balance in parallel with the school of children of trees and forests: trees and psychology of children.

Virtues of the forest on early childhood / awareness of plant intelligence.

Saturday, October 14, 2023Trees and children's awakening

Childhood and adolescence

the health of trees and people, science and forest ecology

School for children of trees and forests: trees and children's health.

Planting the seeds of the future: Agroforestry and awakening children. Forests, biodiversity and child awakening,

Learning about life with wild animals.

Sunday, October 15, 2023  The tree, the nature, the child and the right to life

Knowing that trees and children are the "primacy of life", change the legislation on the rights of trees by proposing a common right to trees and children:“The right to life”.

And throughout the Forum,exhibitions, partner stands, educational activities...

Affiche en cours de réalisation

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